Translate to touch the heart of your consumers

Last week we mentioned that the online market is worth approximately US$45 trillion. Understanding how one could partake in this one needs to understand consumers’ behavior. In a report from Review of Reviewers the data around consumer behavior and online reviews are surprising. 

It is reported that around:

  • 71% of customers agree that online consumer reviews make them more comfortable that they’re buying the right product or service; 
  • 70% of people consult reviews and ratings before purchasing; 
  • 63% of people are more likely to purchase a product from a website if it has positive product ratings and reviews. 

The common denominator between all these figures is that people trust their peers’ opinions and they would be more prone to buy because of these opinions. The reality is that these opinions will be in the language of the website they have surfed. Therefore, if you localize your website into different languages you multiply your reach of influence since more people would feel confident about your product in various countries. The old dictum holds that speak to a man in a language he will most probably understand it gist, but speak to him in his own language you speak to his heart. And since most purchases are emotionally geared this is the market you want to tap into. With our expertise and experience Language Inc. can assist you to speak to the hearts of your potential clients.

But what if you have multiple versions of your website, and someone writes a truly stellar review in Spanish? You’ll likely want everyone to see it. Do not fret since Language Inc. would also be able to assist you in these cases as we can translate your best reviews into additional languages to leverage their revenue-generating potential.

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